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Creative, digital products that people use and love create the strongest bond between people and brands.

- What we believe in -


And we build them too.

In short, we have specialised in the development of outstanding digital products such as apps or software products. Together with our clients, we transform business models and develop new or improve existing digital products. Our product development aspirations go far beyond an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). We think in terms of MLPs, Minimal Lovable Products. Because products that people love are the only ones that will remain on the market in the long term.


The brand-product symbiosis

Our greatest strength, thanks to our many years of experience in brand communication, is that we not only perfectly understand the user and their needs, but can also optimally stage the brand in the best possible way. This enables us to develop not only the optimal digital product, but also - if required - the matching product and brand communication. Ideally, the digital product and the product communication form a perfect symbiosis and thus unfold their maximum momentum.


  • 01

    User Research

  • 02

    Design Thinking

  • 03

    Evaluation Workshops

  • 04

    Iterative Development

  • 05

    Design Sprints

  • 06

    User Experience Design

  • 07

    Interface Design

  • 08

    Lean-Startup Mindset

  • 09

    Agile product development

  • 10

    Interdisciplinary teams

  • 11

    Technical implementation

  • 12


  • 13

    User testing

  • 14

    Product and brand communication


We play as a team.

A good and close cooperation between our clients and us is the foundation for a good product. We really love it when both sides fuse into one team and work together to drive a product vision forward. And the more interdisciplinary the team, the better. That's why we form our long-term product teams individually tailored to the project requirements, so that we gather all the required skills in one team. In the end, we like to make ourselves redundant by passing on our knowledge via trainings and documentation. If necessary, we help to establish suitable processes and structures or to set up a client-side product team.