Eintracht Spandau
EINTRACHT SPANDAU – the blue-collar club of E-Sports.


Eintracht Spandau


Joint Venture



E-Sports has taken the world of sports by storm and turned it on its head. It became one of the fastest growing pop cultural phenomena of our time. The industry’s global turnover is 1.3 bn euros and it keeps on growing. But although Germany laid the foundation for the E-Sports scene with the ESL, the sport lacks star power compared to other nations.

Time to change that: By founding a new E-Sports association that will become the new benchmark in Germany in terms of sports and image, harnessing the emotional potential of E-Sports and putting Germany on the E-Sports map.

We challenged the whole E-Sports scene.

Together with the agency INSTINCT3 as well as Germany’s biggest Gaming-Influencer MAXIMILIAN KNABE aka Hänno aka HandOfBlood we from JUNG VON MATT NERD broke all the rules and created something revolutionary:

EINTRACHT SPANDAU – the blue-collar club of E-Sports. An E-Sports club UNLIKE ANY BEFORE.