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Over the last years, esports has turned from hidden gem to a sponsoring hype topic with many brands fighting for their share of voice! So how do you make sure that you're the number one? You become the partner of the world's number one pinnacle events for the world's number one tier 1 game: league of legends! And in doing so, you claim and name that one single territory that all brands strive for: THE FUTURE!

“Exceed the game, unleash the future” exemplified the Mercedes-Benz strategic point of view on three dimensions: (1) a strong brand-fit between League-of-Legends, its players and its community who are just at the beginning of a bright future. (2) a strong link to the product - especially the EQ series of Mercedes-Benz! And lastly (3) a futuristic but also attitude-based tonality that is forward moving and encouraging at the same time.

"Exceed the game, unleash the future" - Mercedes-Benz connects their EQS campaign with e-sports