Time Attack







Some brands just become sponsors of certain media formats. Others create formats of their own. Beyond partnerships with the likes of Riot Games, G2 e-sports and Razer, Pringles expands its engagement in gaming with the show “Time Attack” on Rocket Beans TV -  a speedrun duel in Super Mario Maker 2. The idea comes from Jung von Matt NERD, the realization was up to Rocket Beans. Season two was even part of the big “Gamevasion” livestream accompanying this year’s digital Gamescom!

What a speedrun is about? Finishing a game as fast as possible. This demands high endurance and a lot of training sessions. Around the globe players challenge each other to battles in all kind of games, from jump’n’runs to epic roleplaying titles. Within the the speedrun-community, “Time Attack” is a total success. The first three episodes with 14 minutes runtime each show a high level of engagement on YouTube. Its high-end content going far beyond the usual 30 – 60 second videos. And the Pringles format not only gains visibility, it’s so well embedded in the community that fans demand for more -and they got more.