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React Native



COVID-19 had us firmly in its grip for over 2 years. We all worked more or less alone at home. After most of the staff had been vaccinated, we opened our doors again and they swarmed back into the agency.

At the same time, we wanted to avoid full occupancy of the workspaces so that we can continue to work safely and with enough distance between each other in the office. That is why we have reduced the number of free desks in our "Open Spaces". But what happens when too many colleagues want to come to the office at the same time?

That's why we developed our own workplace booking app.

Employees can simply mark the days in the app on which they would like to come to the company and thus book a work place for that day. This way, they can check on which days and at what time workplaces are still free and who of the buddies will be in the company.

And if someone has contracted the virus, they can directly check with whom they had contact and shared an office space on the days before.

Lean Startup Mindset: Based on the motto "Build-Measure-Learn", we created an executable MLP in the shortest possible time and then iterated several loops until the app ran stably and was released for all employees.

Agile working method: The technical implementation was done according to Scrum / Kanban in an interdisciplinary team consisting of user experience designers, interface artists and frontend / backend developers.

Prototyping: With the help of user surveys and interactive prototypes, we were able to significantly optimise the user experience in advance.

React Native: The choice of technology for this project was React Native. This allowed us to develop cross-platform, keep costs low and train developers with a ReactJS background.