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You might think you can’t change the world, but what if you could? “I’m in charge” starts a new era with the launch of Hyundai’s new electric line-up: IONIQ.

This is the story of Debra, Maria, David, Kevin, BTS…but above all, it’s everybody’s story. We took a refreshing approach to launching a car brand and answered the customer’s aspirations to a more sustainable future by telling them: ‘you’re the answer’. In a cinematic film for TV and online media, bumper ads, social media stories, print ads and placements on Piccadilly Circus’ famous screens we explain how people can live the way they want, while caring for others. With Hyundai’s individualized electric mobility.

We empower everybody to say: I’m in charge. Of tomorrow. Of time. Of connections. In a nutshell: of us.

The result: 1 million views on YouTube in the first 3 days and the best performance ever for Hyundai campaigns. All reasons to believe that people in 2020 are ready to be in charge.