Wacken World Wide

W:W:W Wacken World Wide - App Trailer




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Covid-19 thwarted this year’s festival summer – but the metalheads from Northern Germany are unbreakable. A task force from the whole JvM agency group together with the ICS Festival Service GmbH developed the idea for the W:W:W Wacken World Wide – the biggest digital metal festival of all times.

The heart of the collaboration is the Wacken festival app (available for iOS and Android) on which all concerts are streamed. In addition to the streaming feature, the Wacken ID including chat function lays the foundation for a virtual Wacken community. In the future, various Wacken services will be available in a user-friendly and personalized way. Besides app development, JvM also provided support in the areas of logo development, corporate identity and campaign as well as brand partnership.