Four seasons
NDR x Elbphilharmonie Orchestra

NDR x Elbphilharmonie Orchester - Vier Jahreszeiten Casefilm


NDR & Elbphilharmonie Orchester



Climate change has become the biggest menace to life on our planet. It is so big that we are failing to understand the threat and prefer not to listen. Using the power of music, we sent out a signal against climate change that cannot go unheard.

We re-scored Vivaldiā€™s Four Seasons using all the climate data gathered from 1725 until now. A specially programmed algorithm mapped the weather data onto the score. The climate data representing 300 years of global CO2 emissions are mapped for the entire duration of the concert: the higher the CO2 value, the longer the note. Since CO2 emissions are constantly growing, the last Season, Winter, sounds increasingly violent and intense.