No words







There are no words to describe what Spreequell is getting up to. Summer has arrived – and Berlin-based mineral water company Spreequell is ready to quench the city’s thirst. And also has a whole new communication campaign.

Whether it’s because more than 100 languages are spoken in Berlin or because the beverage brand was looking for a radically different approach, the new campaign is particularly refreshing because it breaks new ground and gets its message across without advertising copy. The upbeat, summery images and the playful presentation of brand and product speak for themselves. With an OOH campaign, a commercial for open-air movie theaters, and social media posts, we gave the people of Berlin daily reminders to take life easy. Take it easy. With the help of Spreequell. We were able to get thousands of people fired up for a two-and-a-half-hour brand experience – in an era of ever shorter attention spans for digital video formats.