Brand Campaign






2017 - 2020

The German sports betting market is highly competitve. Countless providers look the same and advertise in the same environments, their odds and bonuses are also interchangeable and limited.

Part of the competitive market: Tipico, now the on- and offline market leader and established as "the original” among sports betting. Through a radical brand shift in 2016, we have established the brand in the hearts of fans and in the world of football. From there on, pure emotion, the pre-match thrill, excitement over 90 minutes and fans who always give their best became the protagonists of our annual campaigns.

As the undisputed number 1, it is only logical that our partners and brand ambassadors FC Bayern München, Oliver Kahn and the German Football League (DFL) are all leaders in their field, that is was sets us apart from the competition and underscores our market leadership.