Website / APP
Brand Design
Design System


2020 - 2022

The new investment advisor is an algorithm. For VisualVest, a FinTech subsidiary of Union Investment, we act as challengers to the status quo.

After the initial strategy workshops, we first redesigned the website and then the smartphone app. With the young target group of first-time savers in focus, we turned over every stone. Starting with the corporate design, the UI design system, the tonality and the information architecture for the app and website, we created the perfect user-oriented entry into the financial world of tomorrow.

The design focus for the app was not only to give customers all the freedom that the robo-advisor offers them, but also to engage them emotionally with this modern way of saving, taking into account their fears as well as their irrational needs.

Based on market research, best practices and agentive design, we created a detailed backlog of features that a finance app must provide today.

The result is convincing. In addition to satisfied customers, the app was also so well received by the cooperative finance group - Union Invest Group - that it serves as a white-label the basis for further apps, which came onto the market in 2022.

Jobs-to-be-done framework: Based on user data, we used this method, among others, to identify user needs and related features.

Agile working method: The technical implementation was realised according to Scrum / Kanban in an interdisciplinary, integrated team consisting of the Product Studio and the VisualVest product team.

Prototyping: With the help of user surveys and interactive prototypes, we were able to improve minor problems in advance.

Design system: We created a complex design system to develop new interface components quickly and effectively.