Jung von Matt and the Brand University Hamburg present

Purpose is dead, long live purpose!

Fresh potential in times of dynamic brand management

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Dr. Regine Heimers, Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan, Franziska Duerl, Charlotte Flentje
Brand University Hamburg , Jung von Matt Aktiengesellschaft

Does purpose still have potential? Or has it become no more than a marketing buzzword?

Jung von Matt partnered with the Brand University in Hamburg to breathe fresh life into the concept of purpose. Candid discussions with executives at global brands, a new representative survey of public opinion, and an analysis of real-world case studies reveal that purpose is more relevant than ever – but we need to rethink the way we approach it. It needs to be freed from the confines of the marketing department and placed right at a company’s beating heart. It has to go beyond tacked-on CSR activities or isolated cause marketing campaigns, and become the main guiding force and performance indicator for dynamic brands.

Nowadays, clarity is the exception, unclarity the rule. Against that backdrop, this white paper shows how brands can build a purpose that endures beyond the initial hype.

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