Jung von Matt HAMBURG

Creative excellence that works since 1991

We are the oldest JvM agency. Founded 1991 in Hamburg with an ambitious goal to rewrite the rules of advertising.

We are the youngest JvM agency. Grew into a creative powerhouse with a cohort of 230 true campaigners and storytellers, strategists, social natives, tech lovers and craft-minded producers.

We are in the B2C business. That's why we have some powerful brands like BMW, Bosch, BVG, Douglas, Edeka, Netto, Vodafone and Wayfair in our portfolio.

We are in the B2B business. That's why we know a lot about agriculture and data security and how to make people understand & love things like polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

JvM Hamburg

Jung von Matt HAMBURG
Glashüttenstr. 79
20357 Hamburg

+49 40 4321 0

We worship creativity. The search for extraordinary creative ideas that help brands make the cut, is at the heart of everything we do.

We worship effectiveness. Because even the best idea fails if it’s not the right idea for the right audience. That’s why creatives, data-nerds and strategists work together tightly on every project.

We empower brands. By identifying the soul and substance of companies, we can transform that soul into emotional brand models and tools which create impact.

We empower people. We want to work with the best people. People like you. And we want to make you even better. Through a highly creative environment, kick-ass trainings and a broad, exciting roster of brands.

We are many. Diversity is the key to creating a culture of excellence. Ok, that’s from LinkedIn. But hey, it’s true. We just love working with a highly diverse set of people and competencies.

We are one. Because we all share the same spirit when it comes to putting creative excellence to work.

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