Typical German

Shortly before UEFA EURO 2024, German football finds itself in a deep crisis.

So as a German brand rooted in football, adidas decided to try to reignite the love for the game among German fans. The release of the new national jerseys was the perfect opportunity to create a new German vibe.

Our social media campaign asked what “typically German” means in 2024.

Showing typical German things
Successful adidas Jersey launch ever
Comeback Song 40 years after release
The people behind the work

Thanks team!

Chief Creative Officer

Szymon Rose

Chief Creative Officer

Daniel Schaefer

Managing Director

Robert Zitzmann

Managing Director

Katja Kraus

Executive Creative Director

Ronnie Patt

Executive Creative Director

Alexander Michaelsen

Creative Director Copy

Mattias Jahn

Creative Director Art

Robert Weider

Art Director

Francesca Molteni


Katharina Mohn

Head of TV

Johannes Haverkamp

Strategy Director

Fabio Gericke

Project Manager

Dennis Wist

Client Service Director

Eva Backes

Senior Creative Producer

Maximilian Helmer

Head of CGI

Matthias Grundl

Senior Producer

Lina Ulm

Art Director

Mubarak Kolade Nojimudeen


Irakli Asatiani

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