With Joytopia, we are creating a global, virtual event accessible to all

Young and modern target groups expect more than queuing up at a car show. With Joytopia, we are creating a global, virtual event accessible to all. A virtual space that invites every user to develop individually and experience the brand's products and themes in a new way. Accessible with every device and browser, the interactive metaverse offers one-click access to fantastic virtual worlds in full HD. Joytopia opened its doors for the first time at the IAA 2021 - accompanied by Christoph Waltz and an exclusive Coldplay performance.

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A BMW metaverse figure of a fox with wings sitting on a light green flat surface
Image of the BMW Metaverse, fictional colorful world with pink rocks, two small legs with a big blue-green ear as a head, little fictional charcters and and big flowers growing on the rocks

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Chief Innovation Officer

Max Lederer

Executive Creative Director

Thimoteus Wagner

Creative Innovation Director

Felix Burger

Creative Director

Lars Grübler

Senior Art Director

Andreas Kiesgen

Senior Copywriter

Holly Attrill

Senior Project Manager

Maria Pillath

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