Burger King

What do you think of when you think about fast food?

It’s probably burgers with meat, isn’t it? We wanted to change that.

For this we created a campaign that revolved around a simple question at Burger King: „Standard or with Meat?” Rather than presenting Burger King's new plant based products as an alternative, we made them the standard and started a national debate about how we should actually be eating these days.

Earned media volume

Plant based becomes standard

We documented the reactions to our campaign's ordering phrase, which became the star of our online film and the topic of conversation. These reactions allowed both the media and viewers to connect with or challenge our message. Designed to be controversial, our approach proved effective as it generated mixed responses - some media outlets were critical, while others were enthusiastic.

Picture of a pedestrian zone. A man stands skeptically looking in front of an electronic advertising pillar on which the Burger King advertisement with the slogan "regular or meat-based" can be seen.
Picture of streets with green strip in the middle. Several cars parked at the roadside. In the background three posters of Burger King advertising "regular or meat-based?

Scope of work

Social Media

The people behind the work

Thanks team!

Executive Creative Director

Werner Singer

Managing Director

Doris Steiner

Creative Director

Gerd Schulte-Doeinghaus

Creative Director

Michael Morgenbesser/Messer

Senior Art Director

Christopher Eder

Senior Copywriter

Caspar Satek

Senior Copywriter

David Schneider

Project Manager

Alicia Rocki

Project Manager

Vanessa Sulak

Picture of a group of people standing in line at the first vegan Burger king restaurant in the Westbahnhof in Vienna.
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