A vlog story in a vlog phone

Honor 50 launched a variety of fancy VLOG shooting functions. We broke the stereotypical approach of a traditional feature film scenes teaching style, and used the VLOG function of Honor 50 to shoot a Western journey VLOG, integrating the selling point into the imaginative road trip.

We went all the way West, from the desert to the forest, for 5 days, covering more than 700 km, recording the road trip of 5 strangers, allowing the audience to watch the VLOG while also remembering the many advantages of Honor 50 in VLOG.

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Image of a little smiling girl with glasses wearing a cap. You can see other people in the background.
Picture of a woman taking a picture with the honor 50 smartphone out of a moving camper.

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Lesley Sun

Image of a smiling woman in hiking gear taking a photo with an Honor 50 smartphone. In the background, an out-of-focus male person with a hiking stick.
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