Climate change is no accident

To communicate Hyundai’s commitment to carbon neutrality worldwide, we created a campaign that highlights the intense impact of climate change by featuring authentic images of crashed cars that collided with iconic storms around the world.

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A grey car knocked over on the road by Hurricane Irma. with devastation in the background. Caption: Irma 298km/h.

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The people behind the work

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Head of Data & Media

Kevin Tiedgen

Data Strategist

Jana Zinthäfner

Executive Creative Director

Rico Noël

Client Service Director

Marco Schubert

Creative Director

Luis Paulo Gatti

Creative Director

Matteo Maggiore

Creative Director

Matthias Hess

Art Director

Francesca Montrucchio

Project Manager

Julia Schüssler

Project Manager

Ann-Katrin Bruse

Head of Production

Armin Gauss

Senior Digital Artist

Dominik Schmutzer

Senior Digital Artist

Sascha Pabst

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10 second loop with various video clips of the brand icon Shawn from the Jung von Matt "Like a Bosch" campaign.