JvM Stables

Unleash new creative possibilities with our very own generative AI model

JvM Stables is our very own generative AI model, trained with 30+ years of creative excellence from within Jung von Matt. It assists with routine tasks, giving us more time for what we live for: Revealing unexpected concepts and producing outstanding creative work for our clients.

As our tool operates on-premise and we have tight control over all image input used to train the model, we can assure that privacy and copyrights are protected.

So far we have implemented this for our clients in content production, personalisation, predictive modelling, upscaling, virtual models, AI-generated sound and voice-overs, and much more.

Prompt to image in
Model parameters
Pixel upscale up to
AI model JvM Stables: multi-picture with a mix of 16 AI generated visuals showing people, cars, animals, and more

Accelerate your time-to-market and generate product visuals directly from 3D data

Enhance product images with AI-generated details for a more engaging visual experience

Improve your campaign's effectiveness by personalising and localising it with matching individuals

Use historical data to predict competitor products

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