Pumped with Energy: Opel Mokka Electric

Lots of car brands are practically hiding the electric cables in their communications. With our campaign for the Mokka, we are doing the opposite: we make it the main character and celebrate the cable as a symbol of electric mobility. And of course, the cable is instantly seduced by the Mokka – clearly one of the most attractive electric cars on the market.

Time spent with animal studies
Choreographies tested
Cables harmed in the making

The cable dance campaign ran in 14 markets across Europe. We creatively reimagined dance movements for different media spaces - turning the yellow cable into a character that comes to life in various ways throughout the user journey.

Scope of work

Social Media

The people behind the work

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Chief Creative Officer

Daniel Schaefer

Chief Creative Officer

Szymon Rose

Managing Creative Director

Daniel Schweinzer

Managing Creative Director

Lukas Liske

Executive Client Service Director

Rene Requardt

Client Service Director

Stefan Nick

Senior Strategist

Aleksej Kinn

Junior Strategist

Jonas Günther

Associate Creative Director

Vlad Tarziu

Associate Creative Director

Adel Abouelfetouh

Senior Art Director

Hella Fekete

Senior Art Director

Jacqueline Witt

Principal Creative Copy

Timo Fiebig


Yago Guimaraes

Junior Copywriter

Janina Panning

Head of Design

Mehmet-Saydan Celik

Senior DTP Operator

Thomas Thiessen


Amrita Dutt


Eliza Mallender


Jan Husstedt

Intern Design

Caroline Sacher

Social Media Director

Raika Schmid

Social Media Director

Steffen Pferr

Senior Social Media Concept Creative

Lina Hansen

Senior Creator Relations Manager

Amelie Bussmann

Social Media Creative

Shanice Parizsek

Art Director

Yamen Ibrahim


Florian Wagner

Junior Social Media Creative

Helena Kuhnen

Executive Producer

David Voss

Head of Creative Services

Johannes Haverkamp

Head of Art Buying

Karen Blome

Head of Productions

Malte Rehde

Head of Content Operations

Alexander Mees

Deputy Head of Print Production

Marcus Loick

Senior Producer

Alexander Münzer

Consulting Director

Anja Grothe

Account Director

Christof Schaaf

Account Director

Corinna Walter

Account Director Digital

Susanne Kuba

Senior Project Manager

Rosalia Sosa

Senior Project Manager

Sergio Ruiz

Project Manager

Nadine Kohlpoth

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