Can a campaign full of car features be entertaining? YES, OF CORSA

Can a film that uses the product’s name again and again and again keep you glued to the screen? Can car ads be crazy fun? We’ll let you guess the answer after watching our film for the new Opel Corsa Electric.

Mentions of “Corsa” in the film
Flying whales
Number of assets

Is there more besides the film? - Yes, Of Corsa

The Europe-wide 360-degree campaign is aimed at buyers who still hesitate to switch to a fully electric car. To dispel any remaining doubts, the new campaign showcases the multitude of features and technologies integrated into the new Corsa.

The film includes scenes that can be adapted for each market, not only for TV advertising, but also for a variety of social media assets and GIFs.

Out of home ad showing the OPEL Yes of Corsa campaign visual with the text: The new OPEL Corsa Electric / Does it have a lot of range? Yes of Corsa

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The people behind the work

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Chief Creative Officer

Daniel Schaefer

Chief Creative Officer

Szymon Rose

Managing Creative Director

Daniel Schweinzer

Managing Creative Director

Lukas Liske

Managing Director

Jonas Bailly

Executive Client Service Director

René Requardt

Client Service Director

Stefan Nick

Director Data & Media

Kevin Tiedgen

Senior Strategist

Aleksej Kinn

Senior Strategist

Charlotte Werfling

Associate Creative Director

Vlad Tarziu

Principal Creative Director

Robert Bilz

Head of Design

Saydan Celik


Amrita Dutt


Florian Wagner

Digital Video Artist

Serif Karakoyun

Associate Creative Director

Adel Abouelfetouh

Consulting Director

Anja Grothe

Account Director Digital

Susanne Kuba

Account Director

Rosalia Sosa-Machado

Account Director

Corinna Walter

Account Director

Marco Mougianni

Senior Project Manager

Merve Sahin

Senior Project Manager

Patrizia Kruschke

Senior Project Manager

Sergio Ruiz

Project Manager

Luise Gruber

Project Manager

Lucrezia Dolfin

Project Manager

Luisa Behrendt

Junior Project Manager

Madeline Timm

Head of Art Buying

Karen Blome

Head of Productions

Malte Rehde

Executive Producer

David Voss

Senior Producer

Christina Hermann

Social Media Director

Steffen Pferr

Senior Social Media Concept

Lina Hansen

Senior Social Media Manager

Jan-Paul Janssen

Senior Social Media Manager

Stephanie Fabris

Social Media Manager

Julia Rupf

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