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Welcome to THE LÄND

With the aim of attracting international skilled workers, Baden-Württemberg reinvented itself. With an image campaign that promotes the federal state worldwide as "THE LÄND," an attractive place to live and work. By using guerrilla marketing, online experiences, an internationally successful web series and much more.

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Outspokenly international: THE LÄND

Shortly after the launch, THE LÄND went viral. Companies, institutions and fans from all over Baden-Württemberg shared their own creations in the style of the campaign. THE LÄND became the topic of conversation throughout Germany and created waves of PR-buzz. And in India and the UK, it won the hearts of many professionals. Overall, the campaign generated a media value of around 5.4 million Euro in the first campaign year alone – and an overall 82% positive campaign perception.

Aerial view of a departement store building with the lettering Breuninger. All around is a large yellow poster that says The Land sagt Hällo.
about 10-15 people walk through a kind of illuminated tunnel. the walls are placarded with the branding of The Länd.

Scope of work

Corporate Identity
Content Strategy
PR Strategy
Web Experience
Media & Data

The people behind the work

Thanks team!

To all the fabulous juniors

who were bubbling over with creativity

All talented midlevels

who have worked their ***** off

The amazing seniors

that have survived all the feedback loops

All creative directors, head ofs and managers

who fought for the ideas and strategies

And last but not least the managing directors

who also got a chance to speak

People walking along a street, a motor council and cars in the background. A large building with yellow signs on it and advertising for On one area it says we have space.
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