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Vienna strips on OnlyFans: A protest movement for artistic freedom on social media

Vienna is home to some of the world’s most iconic artworks. 100 years ago, their artists fought for the free expression of their art. 100 years later, Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms make their fight obsolete. And label Viennese art „pornographic“. Leading to blocked accounts and deleted posts. Our brief was to advertise Vienna’s cultural heritage in this very climate.

To protest censorship, we took every piece of explicit art – and published them on OnlyFans. A content-subscription platform known for allowing pornographic content. The PR-stunt quickly went viral. And with numerous articles, posts, videos and TV-coverage started a global discussion on the question: Who has the right to censor the art we consume?

Reach worldwide
Image of the painting "Sitting Male Nude" by Egon Schiele censored on social media for being pronographic in content
Image of many newspaper headlines about the censorship scandal of social media apps and explicit art, which justifies that vienna museums now post their art on onlyfans. In the middle a writing in red background: „730+ million people reached.“
An image of six different iconic artworks showing nudity censored from social media for pornographic content, two images have the account warning: "Your account may be deleted"

Scope of work

Project Management

The people behind the work

Thanks team!

Executive Creative Director

Werner Singer

Managing Director

Fedja Burmeister

Creative Director

Michael Morgenbesser/Messer

Senior Art Director

Denise Danniger

Senior Copywriter

David Schneider

Client Service Director

Franziska Maria Lequen

Image of various social media posts about the campaign „Vienna Strips on OnlyFans“ focussing the censorship of explicit art on social media. In the middle a writing in red background: „A simple move that startet a global discussion.“
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Image of Jung von Matt HAMBURG’s christmas campaign TVC for for retailer chain EDEKA thematising alzheimer's disease: older women with dementia standing in her living room in front of a small decorated Christmas tree with lighted electric candles